James Richard Lucas Introducing James Richard Lucas, writer, novelist, screenwriter, and bard, of Las Vegas, Nevada, fame, renown, and mesmerizing showmanship! Literary Five-tool player--all-around wrighter who excels at all the essentials: imagination, creativity, genius, storyline delineation, character-building, rhetoric, dialogue, grammar, syntax, making ruakh and logos out of tohu y bohu. He hits for power, steals the heart, throws the villain, harvests the dreams, scatters the stardust, stands up to bullies, and scores home, who stands for God, home, hearth, country, liberty, and the American flag! Bard & Keeper of the Untold Tale, Story Crafter Nonpareil, Afflatus-Conatus of the Megaerectile Fantasy Slot Machine Narrative, Knight Emmieller des Paroles, Kuttab, Qussa, Munshi, Quillet-Master, Playwright of The Royal Nonesuch of The London & Continental Theaters, Trope-Meister of the Las Vegas Micklemote Academy, Zauberworter & Word-thane, "lord of his work and master of utterance/ who turneth his word in its season and shapes it--" Ezra Pound, Canto LXXIV 介绍詹姆斯·理查德·卢卡斯,被称为查尔斯·达文丽,作家,小说家,拉斯维加斯,内华达州的名字忍者,名望和汉子奇迹。



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